Order the best flies in Finland from us! Fantasy Fishing flies may not be the cheapest ones, but unlike many others flies in the market, they are 100% handmade in Finland.

Our flies have been found to be very effective and our customers have caught many species of fish with them. Fantasy Fishing flies are both excellent for fishing and great looking. The flies have been tied from high quality materials, and with over ten years of experience in the craft of fly tying. 

Please note: The minimum order amount is 10 flies (excluding jewellery and framed flies). Ask for discount with bigger orders. 

Instructions and terms for orders

You place your order by using the contact form, by calling us or by sending  e-mail or a private message in Facebook.

Please note that the message must include the customer's name, billing information and an e-mail address. Please specify also the names or types of the flies and their sizes. We can also help you to choose the best combination of flies if you provide us some information about the fish species you want to catch, and where you are fishing.

All orders must be paid in full in 14 days after the products / bill has arrived to the customer.



(All prices excluding postage, but including VAT 24%)

  • Nymphs 3.50 €

  • Dry flies 3.50€

  • Deep flies 3.50€

  • Streamers 7.00 €

  • Tube flies 10,00 €

  • Salmon flies 10.00 €

  • Classic salmon flies 20.00 €

  • Pike flies 15.00 €

  • Framed flies 100.00 €