Jewellery flies

Fantasy Fishing jewellery flies are handmade in Finland. Every jewellery fly is an unique example of artisanal handicraft combining the arts of fly tying and jewellery making.

We use a variety of materials, like glass beads, lava stone and typical fly tying materials, including feathers of duck, pheasant and gamebird species. The materials of Fantasy Fishing jewellery flies are chemically cleaned and nickel free. We have unique jewellery fly earrings and necklaces, and we are happy to make personalised jewellery fly products according to your wishes.

Instructions and terms for orders

You place your order by using the contact form, by calling us or by sending  e-mail or a private message in Facebook. Please note that the message must include the customer's name, billing information and an e-mail address. You can also provide details about your wishes on the shape and colours of the jewellery flies.

All orders must be paid in full in 14 days after the products / bill has arrived to the customer.


(All prices excluding postage, but including VAT 24%)

  • Jewellery fly earrings - from 25 €/pair

  • Jewellery fly necklaces - from 30 €/necklace