We provide social empowerment for childern, youth and persons requiring different kinds of special support using tools of experiential learning and social pedagogy. 

Through fishing, a child or a young person can get unforgettable experiences in nature – an enviroment that might not be an every day thing. In fishing activities children and young persons can get experiences of accomplishment and learning as a member of a group and as an individual. This supports identity and self-image development. Fishing can even become a lifelong hobby that brings joy year after year.


”Experiential learning is an effective educational method. It is a process of making a meaning from direct experience. Experiential learning focuses on the comprehensive learning and crowing process for the individual. According to Kurt Hahn’s experiential learning philosophy there is something good in every person and focusing and developing on that good, individual’s personal growth will take place..”

(Outward Bound Finland ry 2014.


In 2012 I won the Finnish fishing travel innovation award for my business idea. In 2018 Fishing Guide of year in Finland.

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             Fantasy Fishing is a member of Green Care Finland                            

             Fantasy Fishing is a member of Green Care Finland